GIve-away by Effy Wild!


A link to  a Free space in Effy Wild’s BootCamp.  Excellent primer for Art Journalers.  Create a journal, create backgrounds, practice lettering, and in depth discussion of supplies.  And much more!  Check it out!

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Radiance Starts Today

Joanne Sharpe, author of Whimsical Lettering, is another Fabulous instructor in Radiant Faces, hosted by Effy Wild.  Check it out here  Class starts today!

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Radiant Faces Starts October 1

Jamie Dougherty will be another instructor for a lesson in Radiant Faces!  Click here to find out more! With Effy Wild as host, this is bound to be an exciting class!

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Radiant Faces

Join Dina Wakley with Effy Wild as host of Radiant Faces!   Click here to find out more!  Join Effy, Dina and 8 other instructors for an Art Journaling Class you won’t want to miss.  Starts October 1!

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Radiant Faces  Click on this link to find out about a fabulous art journal class hosted by Effy Wild with 10 talented artists!  Starts October 1, 2014.

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Floral Zentangle Design

Yes, I quite like the simplicity of the Floral Zentangle Design!

Julie Erin Designs

zentangle flowers flower art design

Happy Friday!

This is a zentangle “flowers” design I made recently, painted in a watercolour style.

I say “flowers” because they are not really flowers but kind of resemble them.  I also say watercolour “style” because I actually coloured them in with Photoshop using watercolour brushes.

Anyway I think they are quite pretty and have been adding them to products in my Zazzle store.

I also have a single version which seems to work better for things like t-shirts and square objects.

zentangle flower watercolor drawing art

Here are some examples of how they look on products:

Colorful Zentangle Flowers iPhone 6 Case
Colorful Zentangle Flowers iPhone 6 Case by JulieErinDesigns
Browse more Zentangle Casemate Cases at Zazzle

Anyways I am just working away on various school projects, and looking forward to finishing my courses after this term. I am also trying to add new products to my…

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River Metamorphosis

I enjoy this thought process….

Implied Spaces

River Metamorphosis 1 - Paper

The day the River Metamorphosis began was peculiar. The local grocery and variety stores all sold out of hot dogs and tea biscuits at eleven in the morning. The licorice beer out sold the spiced walnut beer two to one at the LCBO. To top things off, most of the hail that fell at 9:00 a.m. was bright pink instead of lime green. No one even commented on the cow in front of the local Timmy’s.

It was recorded that the Metamorphosis began after the twelve or so moose finished their choral along the shoreline of the river. It was also recorded that there was no one there to witness either event. This has led to speculation that the River Metamorphosis was just hearsaw ( much like hearsay, but with a different perspective on implied space ); in any case, the transformation began with paper.


Patched taped river currents

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