Floral Zentangle Design

Yes, I quite like the simplicity of the Floral Zentangle Design!

Julie Erin Designs

zentangle flowers flower art design

Happy Friday!

This is a zentangle “flowers” design I made recently, painted in a watercolour style.

I say “flowers” because they are not really flowers but kind of resemble them.  I also say watercolour “style” because I actually coloured them in with Photoshop using watercolour brushes.

Anyway I think they are quite pretty and have been adding them to products in my Zazzle store.

I also have a single version which seems to work better for things like t-shirts and square objects.

zentangle flower watercolor drawing art

Here are some examples of how they look on products:

Colorful Zentangle Flowers iPhone 6 Case
Colorful Zentangle Flowers iPhone 6 Case by JulieErinDesigns
Browse more Zentangle Casemate Cases at Zazzle

Anyways I am just working away on various school projects, and looking forward to finishing my courses after this term. I am also trying to add new products to my…

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Today I find myself on an inner journey to fulfill a life long dream to express my true self through art and writing. I've waited most of my life to begin this journey as I'm a retired teacher. My two dogs are my best friends. I have dear friends but these guys are with me day in and day out. I practice Yoga as a novice.and walk daily by the river. I just began my artful journey in May 2014. I live in Idaho where true beauty surrounds me. Rivers, mountains, and lakes. I only miss the ocean.
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