River Metamorphosis

I enjoy this thought process….

Implied Spaces

River Metamorphosis 1 - Paper

The day the River Metamorphosis began was peculiar. The local grocery and variety stores all sold out of hot dogs and tea biscuits at eleven in the morning. The licorice beer out sold the spiced walnut beer two to one at the LCBO. To top things off, most of the hail that fell at 9:00 a.m. was bright pink instead of lime green. No one even commented on the cow in front of the local Timmy’s.

It was recorded that the Metamorphosis began after the twelve or so moose finished their choral along the shoreline of the river. It was also recorded that there was no one there to witness either event. This has led to speculation that the River Metamorphosis was just hearsaw ( much like hearsay, but with a different perspective on implied space ); in any case, the transformation began with paper.


Patched taped river currents

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Today I find myself on an inner journey to fulfill a life long dream to express my true self through art and writing. I've waited most of my life to begin this journey as I'm a retired teacher. My two dogs are my best friends. I have dear friends but these guys are with me day in and day out. I practice Yoga as a novice.and walk daily by the river. I just began my artful journey in May 2014. I live in Idaho where true beauty surrounds me. Rivers, mountains, and lakes. I only miss the ocean.
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